Ramarro Farm is a small market garden situated an hour from Melbourne in the Dandenong Ranges.
We grow a range of vegetables, some fruit and occasionally forage locally. We sell our produce to top Melbourne restaurants because we love seeing what they do with it.  We’ve found that the dialogue between the Chef and the Farmer makes both of our products better.  The coming season will be our fifth and as of January 2019 we are full time on the farm. We recently began a small on-farm store which opens every Saturday.
Our home site, a former flower farm, boasts rich red mountain soil with naturally high organic matter.  In a normal year we will receive over 1200mm of rain and our winters seem to stretch on forever. All of these characteristics provide favourable growing conditions with the perennial battle with weeds the only downside.

We also farm on a leased parcel of land only 1.5km away from our home site. Fully covered as polytunnels with a generous water supply, we began farming here in December 2018 and this will enable us to grow for much longer each year as well as increase the quality, quantity and diversity of our produce.
The ‘Ramarro’ or Lacerta Viridis is a small, green lizard found commonly across Italy.  During long days in the Italian fields learning our trade, the ramarri became our work companions, basking in the sun as we toiled.
Lisa and Oliver
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